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Our Purpose

Mission Statement
The Nevada Inventors Association will be the leading local forum for independent inventors to socialize and acquire education, assistance, and networking in the innovation process.
Our History
Since our founding in 1987 by Don Costar, the organization has gone through several incarnations and changes.  However we have always been: --- Helping the world and innovation, one inventor at a time... okay maybe more than parallel... not series.... 

We are a nonprofit 501(c)(6) organization focused on helping the independent inventor with the Invention Process Steps that are commonly packaged and sold by "for profit inventor service companies".  We understand that many inventors do not have much of a budget or even resources to conceptualize, design, prototype and patent their inventions.  As a group, we can all work together to pool our resources and share our experiences so that we can as individuals achieve more with less.

The organization has monthly meetings most of which are free to the public.  They are listed on the calendar on our home page and on our site.  All activities are guided by officers of the Executive Board and throughCommittees