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Other Inventor Groups

Best USA Groups with the most Content
How does the NIA stack up to these other groups?  We are trying to emulate the best from other groups.

Arizona - Inventors Association of Arizona  Small and probably a bit like NIA.

Minnesota - Minnesota Inventors Congress  This organization has hosted the world's oldest annual invention convention since 1958.  The 2 day Invention and Idea show appears to be rather large since they recommend several lodging locations.

Missouri - Inventors Center Kansas City  This organization claims to have 1000 worldwide members that tune into their free monthly Webcasts.  They also have funding to host a couple of national invention contests.

Texas - Houston Inventors Association  This organization claims to be the largest inventors group in America.  They list an incredible number of inventions and links to companies that may want your products.  If you check only one link on this page, this should be the one.

Texas - Texas Inventors Association  This organization is directed by several accomplished authors and individuals well versed in the field of invention.