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This page lists all the items and information that is exclusive to our members.  By joining the NIA for a small annual membership fee you will be given access to this useful information.  As a member you will receive a monthly meeting announcement by email.  That email will also provide you with the current
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Articles and Presentations
2015 Guide to Conduct a Patent Search on the Internet - Don Costar edit Bradford   PDF
2015  Design for Manufacturing and Assembly - Eric Bradford   PDF
2014 Licensing Journal - Negotiation Tips - Lawrence Udell   PDF
2014  First Inventor to File - Learn How It Works - USPTO 
2013  New America Invents Act is Largest Change to Patent Law since 1952   PDF
2013 Globalization of Mfg. and Product Development - Eric Bradford
2013 (Patents) An Idea and A Dream - Mark Goodman  PDF
2005 Background for New NIA Members - Anonymous  PDF
2002  Bad Advice from Inventing Experts - Bob Serling  PDF
2001  Licensing - The Intelligent Alternative - Lawrence Udell  PDF
NIA Historic Newsletters
 2002  Monthly News Letter from 2002, missing Jan, Feb  PDF
 2001  Monthly News Letter from 2001, missing Aug, Oct, Nov, Dec  PDF
 2000  Monthly News Letter from 2000, missing May  PDF
 1999  Monthly News Letter from 1999, missing Apr, Jun, Nov, Dec
 1998  Monthly News Letter from 1998, only have Nov  PDF
 1997  Monthly News Letter from 1997, missing Jan, Feb, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec  PDF
Invention Process Templates
TITLE                           PURPOSE                                                                                                         DOCUMENT
Product Requirements Document It describes how a product should work and what benefits it will deliver. It should define the problem to solve. It includes the scope of product and business opportunities with market analysis, target demographics, and use scenario cases. The Requirements include functional expectations, usability, technical function, environmental, and field support. Also listed are assumptions, constraints, performance metrics, and general project timelines/milestones.   More info on PRD Delayed indefinitely
Product Specification This is a document that describes the features which will solve the problems of the PRD. Each feature is specified to established standards (ASTM, ISO, FCC, etc.) or a standard described in the document. This document is necessary to communicate to manufacturers and suppliers what is contractually required.  More info on Specifications Delayed Indefinitely
Bill-of-Materials The BOM is a spreadsheet used to capture the estimated and real cost of prototypes and/or production units. It lists the raw materials, custom and commodity parts, subassemblies, quantities or each part, manufacturing method, supplier, BOM notes.  More info on BOMs Delayed Indefinitely
Project Cost Estimation This is a spreadsheet meant to help the inventor estimate the project costs through the invention process steps. This generally includes fees for lawyers, other professionals, travel expenses, and prototypes.  More info on Cost Estimation Delayed Indefinitely
Concept Evaluation This is a spreadsheet that allows the user to generate a list of features, appearances, uses cases, cost targets, and numerous other criteria to evaluate several concepts for their chance of success before design and prototypes are made.  More info on Concept Testing Delayed Indefinitely