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Member's Inventions

Invention Posting is available for all current paid-up members

We know that product brokers scan inventor organizations websites looking for products that they may want to license or distribute.  For this reason, the Nevada Inventors Association Board agree in 2015 to post our paid-up members’ inventions and patents for sale or licensing if they meet the following requirements:
Min Requirements to qualify to post
  1. Posting is for a product which has a patent pending or an issued patent; or for an issued patent which is for sale or lease.
  2. A URL to a website, facebook, etc.. so they can contact you and learn more
  3. Your membership must be current.  When your membership lapses the posting will be removed soon afterwards.  You can renew your membership at Join Us.
NIA will provide a space 50px High by 480px Wide (NIA reserves the right to reduce to as little as 240px width at a future date) on the NIA home page or adjacent page.  Postings will be sorted at NIA’s discretion (company names listed alphabetically is default)

Postings will include:
  1. Logo (jpeg or gif)
  2. Company name with URL link (14-16pt type and font at NIA discretion)
  3. slogan or brief description (14-16pt type and font at NIA discretion)
  4. Limit 2 unique invention postings per member.

Postings will be done
ONLY with each member's approval.  We will need your info and a logo picture 1Meg max or permission to do a screen grab of your logo from your website.