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Benefits of Membership

Annual Membership Dues are 
We feel this is a great value.  We will have several tours, and special events which will require a fee to participate if you are not a paid-up member. Additionally paid up m
embership allows access to our libraries of information and services which will help you through the invention process steps.  




Public meeting – planned 4 lectures and 3 seminars X X
Private meeting - planned 3 Legal seminar/workshops  Fee X
Public meeting - networking X X
Public invention review X X
Private invention review Fee X
Participate on Committees X X
Planned Multiple Factory Tours Fee X
Summer Networking and Dining Event (replaces picnic) Fee X
Information Detailing Invention Process Steps
Library of Invention Process Templates
Library of Past Lectures and Seminars
Library of Historical Newsletters 
Access to Members List Contact Information
COST $0 $60
Some items may be added or delete to the above list throughout the year.

Requirements for Membership
  1. Complete Application. Either fill in the online Application Form or download the MS Word Application Form and submit. 
  2. You must Accept: 
    • The Membership Privacy Policy
    • Code of Ethics, Confidential Disclosure and Non-Competition Agreement
  3. Check, cash, or PayPal for membership dues
  4. Driver's License or other ID Verification will be performed for all new members at their first meeting.
Join -  Nevada Inventors Association
There are two ways to join the Nevada Inventors Association.
  1. The preferred method is to complete the Online Application Form.  You can complete and submit the online form and then pay your membership dues with PayPal or mail cash or a check to the Nevada Inventors Association.
  2. The alternate method is to download and complete the Application Form in MS Word format(.docx).  You can fill in the fields in the Application Form using your computer, save the form with a unique name and email to: .  If you have difficulty doing this you can simply hand write your info into the form and either e-mail a scanned copy or bring it with you to the next meeting.  Please print clearly.
Pay your Membership Dues 
There are two ways to pay your dues. (Tax Note: We are a 501 (c)(6) non profit, therefore your membership dues are NOT tax deductible.)
  1. Pay with PayPal by selecting the Donate button.  If you don't have a PayPal account, you will need to create one. 
  2. You can pay by mailing cash or a check payable to Nevada Inventors Association, Inc.   To Address: P.O. Box 7781, Reno, NV 89510.
  3. You can pay with cash or a check at the next monthly meeting.
Send us a Picture for your account
Lastly we would like a picture of you for the website.  Please e-mail a JPG or GIF between 70x70 and 500x500 pixels to  We can also take a picture at the next meeting if you remind us.