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2016 Goals of NIA Board of Trustees

2015 Goals of NIA Board of Trustees
The Board is growing the value of the organizations by improving the services, events, and content that it provides to its members.  The goal is to increase the value of the NIA brand.  We will continue to drive toward the past goals but simplified the goals for 2015 to the following items.
  • Obtain 501c3 status with the IRS not completed
  • Double membership by the end of the year not completed
  • Participate in Local Events (Reno Makerfaire, NCET Entrepreneur Expo, contact other groups in town to connect and participate) Some success

2014 Goals report 
  • Maintain a minimum of 50% of the meetings providing a lecturer or seminars helpful to the inventor 
    • Conceptual design, Market research, Patents, Licensing, Prototyping, Mfg.,  Mktg.  Accomplished
    • Create a reliable system for member access to videos and presentation slides of those lectures  not completed
  • Revise and increase Internet presence
    • Add more useful links, resources, and member services  Some Added
    • Consider social media i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+  Not Started
    • Continue improving the website  Accomplished
  • Grow NIA’s community involvement
    • Grow and strengthen educational associations i.e. Discovery Museum, UNR, TMCC, WNRS&E Fair Some success
    • Build associations with Reno resources i.e. RenoBridgewire, patents attorneys, fabrication resources Some Success
    • Garner industry participation in the NIA, providing resource contacts and inventor networking Some success
  • Enhance NIA focus onto the entire product development process
    • Provide tools, templates, reviews teams to the individual Not started
    • Refine the focus of NIA to be on the invention process steps; From defining the problem to documenting the product solution. Accomplished