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Executive Board

Hello, we are this years elected Executive Officers who fill the same positions on the Board of Trustees.

President - Dave Asher
Dave is a new member but has supported local inventors and entrepreneurs for many years.   Dave owns and operates the Buy Nevada First Gift Shop which carries many of the products invented by current and past members.
  Vice President - Ray Arjomand
Ray has been a long time member and has joined the board to reinvigorate the NIA.
  Secretary - Pat Callahan
Pat has been a member in the past and has rejoined to support the NIA and its mission.

Treasurer - Kunio Misono
Kunio has been a member of the NIA since 2012.  He has had a long career in biomedical research.  In related interests, he aims to produce new types of tools and devices that are useful in research labs.
  Sergeant at Arms - Diane Hemmert
Diane has been a member for several years and is currently marketing her product which she developed with the help of NIA members and associations.

Board of Trustees Tasks

The Board is working on a list of tasks to support the Goals established for this year.  This is a living document in which items are constantly completed and new items are added as required. Anyone can look to see the progress the NIA is making throughout the year.  If you have suggestions or would like to help, contact any officer of the Board.
Tasks and Accomplishments List

Board of Trustees Documents (limited to current board members)

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