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1. Please complete this Online Application Form and then hit Submit.  
2. Hitting Submit will automatically take you back to the Join Us page.  You can easily pay through our secure PayPal account.  If you do not want to pay your Membership Dues with PayPal, you can pay by mailing a check payable to Nevada Inventors Association, Inc.   To Address: P.O. Box 7781, Reno, NV 89510.
3. Lastly we would like a picture of you for the website.  Please e-mail a JPG or GIF between 70x70 and 500x500 pixels to : .

Online Application Form


Membership Privacy Policy

The Nevada Inventors Association is intent on protecting the privacy of its members from external sources.  Only current members have access to other member's information through our website.  Additionally, each member decides how much info they would like to share.  Once you are a member, we will place you on the list.  If your membership lapses we will leave you on the list unless you specifically request removal.  All list members are classified as current or past.
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Code of Ethics

Must Read Before Signing

I agree to abide by the following rules and support the objectives and ethical standards of the Nevada Inventors Association, Inc.  I understand NIA is a voluntary organization of persons interested in inventing and entrepreneurship. 

I will not, as an individual, or as a representative of any company or corporation, in any way, make, use sell, divulge, duplicate, or capitalize on any idea or invention that is not mine.  I understand the necessity to keep all ideas, concepts or inventions confidential, without first obtaining a signed, written approval from the original inventor.

I promise to hold NIA, its trustees, officers, and directors harmless from any such unauthorized use by me, or any unauthorized use of my property, information, and ideas by other members of NIA. 

My membership fee shall be paid in full on or before I attend any "closed-door" session.


Confidential Disclosure & Non-Competition Agreement

Must Read Before Signing

I have an interest in joining the NIA to receive informational material concerning the process of protecting and commercializing inventions.  During the course of interaction with the NIA and its members, I am likely to learn about documents, business plans, marketing plans, display materials, processes, and prototypes (collectively "Confidential Information").

Accordingly, in consideration of being provided such Confidential Information, I hereby agrees to keep all such information in confidence and to treat the information with the degree of care accorded with any proprietary and/or confidential information of like structure.

No license is conveyed hereby which would permit me, simply by virtue of this Agreement, to manufacture or have manufactured any product based on Confidential Information on my own behalf or for a third party, or to use the Confidential Information conveyed hereunder, or otherwise practice the teachings of the Confidential Information in the manufacture, use and/or sale of a product.

Confidential Information does not include information which:

a)       was publicly known at the time the Confidential Information was made available to me, or subsequently becomes publicly known through no fault of me; or

b)       was demonstrably already known to me at the time the Confidential Information was made available to me by the NIA; or

c)       becomes available, without a breach of this Agreement, to me from a source other than the NIA.

This Agreement is between the Nevada Inventors Association, Inc. (NIA), a Nevada corporation having its principal place of business in Reno, Nevada, USA with a mailing address of: PO Box 7781, Reno, NV 89510 and the below New Member interested in innovation and is effective as of the dates set forth below the signature of the party.

(acceptance is required for membership)
I ACCEPT the Code of Ethics, Confidential Disclosure, and Non-Competition Agreement
I DO NOT ACCEPT the Code of Ethics, Confidential Disclosure, and Non-Competition Agreement
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