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Welcome to the Nevada Inventors Association (NIA)

Since our founding in 1987 by Don Costar, the organization has gone through several incarnations and changes.  However we have always been: --- Helping the world and innovation, one inventor at a time... okay maybe more than parallel... not series....

Members' Inventions and Patents for Sale or Licensing
▼         ▼         ▼   Blow dust off keyboards, inside computers, desktops or hard to reach places.
The Green Alternative to Compressed Air Cans
easy swirl®
A Patented In-Cup Mixing Solution
"We are changing the way the world mixes”
eEZKEEPER    Automated Animal Feed Dispenser     - Animal facilities automation equipment for your animals' convenience
Quicklids™   Three lids can revolutionize your cooking experience.  Clutter-Free Stacking * Revolutionary Inverted Design * Knob Stays Cool   Freezes water at night to cool the inside during the day
The Window Refigerator, A/C, and Heater
Meetings and Locations

The Nevada Inventors Association meeting is held at Bridgewire
1055 Industrial Way Suite#20, Sparks, NV 89431
3rd Wednesday of the month

The Nevada Patent Holders Forum meeting is held at Bosma Business Center

401 Ryland St. Reno, NV 89502
(1st Floor Conf. Room)

3rd Monday of the month

This Calendar shows both NIA Events and events from other organizations that we feel are useful to inventors
We also place NIA events on 
Recent Presenters/Tours contributing to NIA